martedì, febbraio 14, 2012

From the Vault: Groningen, July 2009

A Mature perspective of Life comes to life as an analysis of my situation while studying in Groningen. It occurs that a gentle dose of weed was giving me an accurate and powerful push into a state of sensitivity which is not strong enough to close me in a corner but yet prickling my senses in a crisp energy. The analysis appears to reveal a long-lasting decline of my awareness and of my consciousness, a descent in a behaviour which puts action in place of observation, as the main essence of "life (as an event)". Life as an Act instead of, or above, Life as an Observation. Life as an Act is a perspective immersed in fraud, deception, loss of objectivity, and of honesy. Life as an Act is played by Me as a mechanical actor, which does not interpret the script but merely executes it, degenerating into attitude, a painting made of acts, of displays of behaviours. When Observation is lost, so is Truth. As truth exists only as a portion of the notion of Observation. When no Observer exists, no Truth can meaningfully exist. This unsettling degradation actually happened, and is the cause of a gap in your Story, where your Story is nothing but your Life. Now the striking observation that unmasks this shameful state of affairs comes at a time where I am being extremely lazy and indulgent while apparently behaving according to strict moral laws and pursuing grim goals. It is a superb contradiction that breaks the darkness with a blinding glare.

giovedì, settembre 11, 2008

La lingua italiana

La francia sembra incline ad ammorbidire la sua politica nazionalista del linguaggio. In italia, tutti i film sono proiettati e trasmessi doppiati. In altri stati europei, i film sono trasmessi in lingua originale e sottotitolati. La BBX riporta i risultati di un sondaggio della societa' dante alighieri, che evidenziano che gli italiani sono stanchi di usare termini inglesi nella lingua italiana.

Se i film fossero trasmessi in lingua originale, che sarebbe dell'italiano?. I miei parenti e i miei amici parlano nel loro dialetto. La lingua dell'universita' e' l'inglese. L'italiano resterebbe il simbolo di un progetto storico, l'italia unita, e in questo senso apprezzato. Oppure sarebbe il disastro.

mercoledì, settembre 10, 2008

form: monumentum

Niccolò Ghedini
L'avvocato di Silvio Berlusconi.

Articolo determinativo, titolo professionale, cliente.